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Come join the discussion on my blog while you watch the democratic debates livestream tonight!

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Can anybody share on the % of bots present-- or their activity
(or general analytics)-- on youtube live comments and their content??

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As a specialist, I know that a lot of time and money goes into the production of these things-- live The podiums look like an episode of America's Got Talent. It feels weird seeing the live comments. It's incredible to hear the opinions of everyone watching simultaneously. Imagine! That's never happened with broadcast or cable TV! Can't wait to watch episode 2...

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Hi Friends, I'm looking for a new full-time position for something related to distributed systems. I'm a full stack dev with a strong knowledge base in p2p systems. I'd really appreciate introductions to anybody that would be interested in my skills.

#P2P #distributed #decentralized #Dat #IPFS


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