A year ago when I joined Mastodon, I promised a write-up on how Micro.blog was different. I always threw out the draft posts because they felt too competitive. Today I reframed it around how to find our way out of the problems with massive social networks: manton.org/2018/09/07/the-way-

@aughr …and after waiting 15 minutes, the bus came. It took a few people and then was full, leaving 40 people behind.

Now that the students are back, there are 35 people waiting for a 71 on a Sunday afternoon. Sure should be more buses running…

@davidcelis I normally manage to keep my cast iron in really good shape (it's all we use to cook)… and then this weekend I let corn bread sit in my largest pan all weekend. Somehow that stripped off a good bit of the seasoning 😕

@jamie Yeah, as part of the bike contingent. My girlfriend’s writing up notes now, so I’ll send those your way when they’re up.

Anyone on pgh.social at the Smallman St meeting?

Anyone on pgh.social (or otherwise in Pittsburgh) live in Shadyside and interested in bike/ped issues? We’re in the early days of a bike/ped group here, Shadyside Complete Streets, so we’d love to have you join us.

My cat: “Welcome home, Andrew! I thought you’d like it if I tore a hole in the box spring and went inside!”



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